About NetAssist

As the forerunner of infocomm technologies, we are committed to providing the highest quality of training to IT professionals, both novice and experienced. We are an advanced IT training and professional certification provider and have, since established in year 1999, provided the most comprehensive classroom education in the industry. Training with us provides you with valuable hands-on learning and in-depth instruction in a highly structured environment. Our experts are there to support you in the sharpening of your technical skills. 

Our Mission

We empower professionals with leading edge IT knowledge and competency that advance organizational performance.

Our Core Values

Quality • Ensure the delivery of the highest quality in technical training, sales and marketing support and after training customer service 

Commitment  • To our partners; to uphold and protect the interests of our partners, ensure integrity and standards of their official learning curriculum 

Dedication • To our customers and students; to fulfill above and beyond the expectations that our customers have and the standards we have set for ourselves through continual efforts in improving our teaching methods and our customer programs

Our Offerings

  • Our Strengths
  • Our Value-Added Services
NetAssist Services offers what no one else does. We invest in our instructors. NetAssist instructors are selected through stringent selection process. Upon successful candidature, they undergo rigorous and continuous training to ensure that they are the best. Our Instructor Development Program includes rigorous Classroom Instruction training; participation in industry and IT professional community events and opportunities to be involved in strategic IT consulting projects with NetAssist's consulting partners.

With our technical competence, we are usually the first to bring in curriculum for emerging technologies. Hence we are uniquely positioned as a provider that enables rapid skills development and deployment in the industry. We have been chosen by Microsoft as instructors to trainers and consultants around the region on newly launched products.

We are also proud to be hand-picked by Microsoft, to pilot the "Courseware Customization Program" in Asia. Courseware customization services enable us to deliver flexible training solutions, tailored to our customers' needs, while still using the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courseware.

We reckon that keeping up with the fast moving information technology arena is a great challenge to many. By offering such training courses, we hope to help our customers get in touch with the latest technology, within the shortest period of time. With the guidance of our instructors, our students speed up their learning processes and are effectively able to master their specific areas of pursuit.
• E-evaluation Available on Metrics That Matter
Paperless capturing of data on post-course evaluation, anytime, anywhere.

• Quality Training Facilities
Well equipped with training equipment, proper air-conditioning system and Dual/Quad-Core PCs/Servers of a premium brand, with 4GB/8GB Memory.

• Free Training for New Replacing Staff

NetAssist Services protects your investment. Should your staff resign within six months of attending our courses, your new replacing staff can receive free training in the same course(s) at no extra charge*.

• Free Post-Training Support
Students can communicate with their instructors, with the 30 days free e-mail support provided.