From July 2022, Azure Fundamentals training will not be offered under the HTX Digital Skilling program.

To complete your Azure Fundamentals training, you may consider any of these two channels:

  1. Register for free training on Microsoft Virtual Training Days – Microsoft Virtual Training Days *. Sessions are conducted over 2 days, 4 hours each day.
  2. Attend free online training (self-learning) on Microsoft Learn: Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals – Learn | Microsoft Docs *

If your unit would like to form a class, NetAssist can deliver at a fee. You may request a dedicated class arrangement by dropping an email to

HTX Recommended Learning Pathway




Azure Fundamentals

  • Understand cloud concepts
  • Understand what are Azure services, workloads, security and privacy in Azure, as well as Azure pricing and support



Azure Administrator (Associate)

  • Familiarise with the Azure Cloud Environment​
  • Understand Billing Tooling available​
  • Design secure and reliable networks Design network monitoring solutions for compliance
  • Understand basic IAM and RBAC administration



Azure Security Engineer

  • Understand Identity and Access Solutions​
  • Build solutions that protects organizational security posture​
  • Understand security concepts to meet IM8 Compliance concepts​
  • Familiarise with Azure native security tools

Step 4


Azure Solutions Architect Expert

  • Design Solutions that are more cost-effective​
  • Embed Security considerations upfront ​
  • Build applications that meet project, organizational and government needs

Step 5


Azure Network Engineer

  • Understand Azure native networking solutions​
  • Understand underlying network infrastructure ​
  • Design secure and reliable networks​
  • Design network monitoring solutions for compliance

Step 6


Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert

  • Plan for the transformation with shared goals and timelines​
  • Explain the role of Azure Pipelines and its components​
  • Understand DevOps Solutions and benefits​

Check The Schedule

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (no hands-on)
1 dayMicrosoft Certified: Azure FundamentalsAZ-900Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (no hands-on)314
Microsoft Azure Administrator
4 daysAZ-900Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator AssociateAZ-104Microsoft Azure Administrator27/2-2/320-2310-132-5
Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
5 daysAZ-900Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer AssociateAZ-204Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure6-1017-20
Solution ArchitectAZ-305
Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
4 daysAZ-104Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect ExpertAZ-305Microsoft Azure Architect Design13-1624-2715-19
DevOps EngineerAZ-400
Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
5 daysAZ-104 / AZ-204 Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer ExpertAZ-400Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions20-233-6
Network EngineerAZ-700
Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions
3 daysAZ-900Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer AssociateAZ-700Designing and Implementing Microsoft 8-101-317-1929-31
Network EngineerAZ-500
Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
4 daysAZ-104Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer AssociateAZ-500Microsoft Azure Security Technologies13-1627-308-11
Data ScientistDP-100
Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
3 daysAZ-900 / AI-900Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist AssociateDP-100Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure8-103-5
Data EngineerDP-203
Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure
4 daysAZ-900 / DP-900Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer AssociateDP-203Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure27/2-2/33-615-18
Data AdministratorDP-300
Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure
4 daysAZ-900 / DP-900Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator AssociateDP-300Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure13-16
AI EngineerAI-102
Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution
4 daysAI-900Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer AssociateAI-102Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution12-16 24-27
Security EngineerAZ-500
Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
4 daysAZ-104Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer AssociateAZ-500Microsoft Azure Security Technologies13-1627-308-11


Step 1: Go to LxP

Step 2: Enter work email. (Please use email for LxP login. Do not use

Step 3: Select “Send Code

Step 4: Enter code sent to work email

Step 5: Sign in with a personal Microsoft account (e.g:,, etc)

Step 6: Enter your Microsoft account password

Step 7: Select “Agree” to link accounts

Need help signing in? Please contact: ESI Support

Do check your log-in credential. The first log-in prompt is using work email ( with the password and the second log-in prompt is using your personal email (Hotmail/Outlook/Gmail, etc) without a password.
For SPF staff, please use your work laptop to access the LxP.

Please email for private class requests.

We recommend PCs/laptops that have no restrictions (some corporate-issued machines have issues accessing certain sites or doing lab work), and a secondary screen for the best virtual class experience.

Microsoft Teams App is useful but not necessary. Please ensure you can view the Teams chat during the class either via Teams web browser or Teams apps.

Step 1: Log in to Microsoft ESI Learner Experience Portal (LxP)
Step 2: Go to the “Microsoft Certifications” and click “Schedule“.
Step 3: Choose your desired exam and it will bring you to the Pearson VUE site.
Step 4: Sign in with your Microsoft account (personal email) for your Microsoft certification. If you do not have an account, click “Create New” to create one Microsoft account.
Step 5: On the Exam Discounts page, validate your work email to check your eligibility and link your personal account with your work account to enjoy the ESI exam discount (50%)
Step 6: Click “Claim” to enjoy the 50% discount before scheduling an exam.

For step-by-step guidance, check out the ESI exam discount video.

When creating the Pearson VUE certification profile, do not include the “,” in the Legal name field even though it is in your NRIC. If you have included the “,” in the field and cannot remove it, you can either create a new Microsoft Certification profile or you’ll need to submit a change request using the Microsoft Certification Profile Name Change Request Form. Please allow 48 hours for the change to take effect.

Log in to your Certification Profile to unlink your account with your previous work email.

Now, you can link your account with your current work email to validate the eligibility.

You may register for free exam prep sessions or access free practice tests made available on Microsoft ESI Learner Experience Portal.

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