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Types of Certifications

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Fundamentals (Foundational Skills)

Helps build skills towards industry job roles​​ Caters to a broad audience across market segments ​​ ​Entry level (no experience required in the area)​​ ​Mix of concepts and applied learning for Microsoft technologies​

Role Based (Technical skills for a job​)

Based on industry job roles ​for people interested in, are transitioning to, or already in the specific job role​​ ​Multiple levels of expertise​: Associate and expert​ Technical knowledge to design, implement and manage Microsoft solutions​​ Emphasis on applied learning/hands-on for Microsoft technologies​​

Specialty​ (Deep technical skills​)

Deep technical skills managing industry solutions, including 3rd party solutions, on or with Microsoft platforms ​​No levels of expertise​​​

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SF - Microsoft Azure Solution Architect

Microsoft Azure Solution Architect is designed to equip IT professional who wants to learn how to design and implement cloud solutions using Microsoft Azure, this course is for you. You will gain the skills and knowledge to create secure, scalable and reliable cloud applications using the latest Azure technologies and best practices.

SF - Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

Empowers learners with the skills to build apps using low-code techniques, simplifying, automating, and transforming business tasks and processes.

SF – Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI course is your key to unlocking the power of data analysis and visualization.

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